Friday, October 2, 2009

ANGEL Assessments: Best Practices to Ensure Reliability and Security

ANGEL's assessment tool provides a plethora of settings, which can be overwhelming for any user setting up an exam or quiz. The following is a document to help you when working with assessment settings.

For 'A Guide to ANGEL Assessment Settings, Best Practices to Ensure Reliability and Security' in online test delivery, you can view the document below, or click on the link to download the tutorial that will provide step-by-step instructions for ANGEL Assessments and rationale on how, when and why to choose specific assessment delivery settings in an online learning environment.

This document is a Best Practices guide and may or may not apply to all courses' and all instructors' needs. This document will explain all the settings available to you in the ANGEL assessment settings, and the best practice for each setting. Contact your TLT Liaison for assistance in configuring settings in assessments for your specific course needs.

A Best Practices Guide to ANGEL Assessment Settings

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