Sunday, October 4, 2009

New eLearning Specialists Join TLT

Teaching & Learning Technologies welcomes two new staff members!

Clay Threlkeld is the new eLearning Specialist for the School of Nursing.

Susan Bailey is the new eLearning Specialist for the School of Medicine.

We are excited to have Clay and Susan join our team.

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What new DEVICE is in the hands of nursing students and faculty?

Watching a Lecture on iPod Touch

Over 120 juniors and over 25 faculty are walking around with either an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The School of Nursing adopted the iPod Touch device for this year's incoming juniors. Previously, the recommended device was a PC-based PDA. Since the digital publishing company SkyScape provides the Nursing Resource package for students to download using an Apple Application for iPod Touch or iPhone, students can be seen across campus perusing information loaded in their SkyScape APP on their iPod Touch - like 'Davis' Drug Guide', 'RxDrugs', 'Taber's Dictionary' and other medical applications available for download from the iTunes store. Another student might be seen checking their GroupWise email or watching a POCiT video on 'Drawing Blood from a Central Line'.

If you'd like to consider using mobile devices in your school or department, speak with your TLT Liaison to get the scoop.

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iTunes University Now at KUMC

Faculty are now creating podcasts of their lectures and using the KUMC iTunes University (iTunes U) store to deliver their content. For a guided tour of iTunes U, head to the link below.

Since the School of Nursing has begun to use iPhone and iPod Touches for educational use, students are able to download and listen to lectures directly from their device. All students have the ability to subscribe to their course and faculty are able to record their lectures or create their own videos using Camtasia Relay, a screen capture and audio recording software.

The following video is a screencast of how you would expect to use iTunes U within your course.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

If you are interested in using iTunes U in your course, contact TLT.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

ANGEL Assessments: Best Practices to Ensure Reliability and Security

ANGEL's assessment tool provides a plethora of settings, which can be overwhelming for any user setting up an exam or quiz. The following is a document to help you when working with assessment settings.

For 'A Guide to ANGEL Assessment Settings, Best Practices to Ensure Reliability and Security' in online test delivery, you can view the document below, or click on the link to download the tutorial that will provide step-by-step instructions for ANGEL Assessments and rationale on how, when and why to choose specific assessment delivery settings in an online learning environment.

This document is a Best Practices guide and may or may not apply to all courses' and all instructors' needs. This document will explain all the settings available to you in the ANGEL assessment settings, and the best practice for each setting. Contact your TLT Liaison for assistance in configuring settings in assessments for your specific course needs.

A Best Practices Guide to ANGEL Assessment Settings

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