Friday, June 12, 2009

Angel Issue/Workaround - Assessment Question Editing [RESOLVED]

This problem has been fixed with the July 2009 ANGEL update, applied 7/29/09.

After a recent update to ANGEL, an issue with editing assessment questions has appeared.
When a user tries to edit a Multiple Choice question, a new message will appear.
The Dialog box says "The chosen correct answer must be worth 100% of the question points"

The question cannot be saved until a value is entered in the percentage field.

To fix the correct answer value:
1. Click the "View advanced options" box in upper-right corner of the window.
2. Fill in 100 in the percent box next to the correct answer choice.

This must be done for every Multiple Choice question that is edited.

This issue has been submitted to Angel Learning for a permanent fix.
The grading of assessments is not affected by questions that have not been edited.

Posted at 03:38PM Jun 12, 2009 by dgustafson

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