Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Changes to ANGEL (5/26)

We want to make you aware of three changes to our ANGEL Learning system for this summer, effective Tuesday, May 26th:

1. Because about 6% of our ANGEL users are still using Internet Explorer 6, which is not a browser version supported by ANGEL, we are going to check browser version on ANGEL login and redirect those users still using IE 6 to a screen reminding them to upgrade to IE 7 or Firefox 2+. We are NOT blocking their access to ANGEL. Those users will still be able to use ANGEL by clicking the "Continue to ANGEL without updating" button on the upgrade reminder screen. (To ensure users upgrade correctly, we're recommending they contact IR Customer Support.)

2. We're also customizing our ANGEL system to alphabetically sort discussion forums by forum name in the Communicate area/tab. This won't affect how your discussion forums are arranged in the Lessons area/tab, which is how most users access their forums. However, some courses have multiple discussions occurring simultaneously, and faculty and students in those courses like to access all their discussion forums from the Communicate area/tab, instead clicking into each forum from the Lessons area/tab. So, if you name your forums to sort alphabetically (i.e., Week 1: Skeletal, Week 2; Circulatory, etc.), those forums will be easier to find in the Communication area/tab.

3. We're also changing some file upload limits and quotas to better manage our system. Large files can be difficult for faculty and students to download. However, we know sometimes large files are needed for some courses. These upload limits/quotas can be overridden for specific courses, if you need to upload larger files than our new limits/quotas. Specifically, the new limits/quotas are:
  - Maximum file upload size = 50 MB
  - Maximum DropBox file upload size = 50 MB (down from 60 MB)
  - My Files quota (Toolbox > Files) = 50 MB
  - ePortfolio quota = 50 MB
  - Maximum Discussion Forum file attachment size = 10 MB (up from 5 MB)
  - Maximum eMail file attachment size = 25 MB (up from 8 MB to better match GroupWise)

Please contact Dave Antonacci (dantonacci@kumc.edu or 913-588-7144) for additional information.

Posted at 03:45PM May 12, 2009 by dantonacci

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