Thursday, May 21, 2009

ANGEL Impact Award Winners for the Second Year

Congratulations to Dave Antonacci, Nellie Modaress, and Kathy Tally for winning the 2009 ANGEL Impact Award for Exemplary Faculty Development. Dave, Nellie, and Kathy taught TLT's 'Teaching and Learning Online at KUMC' course last fall for KUMC faculty, and also invited additional faculty from other ANGEL-using schools from around the country to participate and create a richer online learning experience for all participants.

The course focused on important knowledge and skills needed for successful online teaching. It was targeted to faculty who are new to KUMC, new to online learning, or new to our Angel Learning System. Because it was delivered completely online, each participant better understood the perspective of an online student.

The course was organized into 6 units, each lasting a week:

  - Learning Theory and Instructional Design
  - Delivering Content
  - Communication
  - Assessment and Evaluation
  - Interaction and Feedback
  - Course Management and Procedures

Additionally, each unit demonstrated best practices by including a variety teaching methods, techniques, activities, and technologies. Participants were expected to actively participate by engaging in all discussions, completing all course activities, and submitting assignments. Active participation required signing in to the course at least 2 times per week for a total of at least 2-3 hours of weekly course work. So, participants invested 12-18 hours in the course.

This course is taught each Fall semester, so if you'd like to participate in this course in any future fall semesters, contact TLT (8-7107) to be added to the course roster.

Last year, Dave Antonacci, Lisa Bittel (Physical Therapy), and Stephanie Gerald won the 2008 ANGEL IMPACT Award for Exemplary ANGEL Course. Dave and Stephanie worked with Lisa to give her course an extreme course makeover.

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