Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobile Polling Solution

After a CORE 805 Genetics & Neoplasia 2012 pre-module meeting suggestion for classroom polling solutions I began to research utilities that utilize technology already in the hands of our medical students instead of proprietary devices like clickers. The best solution I found is called Poll Everywhere and at first glance appears to be simple and effective.

As a pollee you have the option to vote using a text message from your phone when presented in a lecture hall or by viewing the poll itself on the web from your smart phone or desktop/laptop. As mentioned in the first option, the poll can be inserted into a powerpoint presentation or embedded in a web page to display real-time results.

Try signing up for a free account and then visit my test poll in order to vote on-line or by text message. Or you can access a version of my poll formatted for viewing from your Smart Phone and submit the keyword corresponding to your response in the text box. Be sure to include the entire keyword, for example: CAST12345

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

ANGEL 7.3 Upgrade and Training

Each year, ANGEL upgrades their learning management system, and we need to upgrade our ANGEL system to add these improvements to our system and also to keep our system within their support configuration requirements. This year, we will be upgrading our system to ANGEL 7.3 and ePortfolio 2.1 on December 29-31, 2008. Our ANGEL Learning system will not be available during that time frame.

This upgrade includes:
  • Significant enhancements to Discussion Forums
  • Changes to the User Interface
  • Addition of Algorithmic Questions (Formula Based)
  • Improvements to ePortfolios
  • New Browser Requirements (At least, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2)
For additional information about these changes, please go to http://www2.kumc.edu/ir/tlt/ANGEL_LMS_Whats_New_in_7.3.pdf.

Training: To help faculty prepare for this upgrade, we've scheduled training on our new ANGEL 7.3 system. We know different people learn differently, so we're providing four training options. You can do any or all of these.

1. We're starting with lunch-hour sessions where we demonstrate ANGEL 7.3 and how to use its new features and tools. We have four demonstrations scheduled:

10/15, 12 noon – 1 pm, 1050 Nursing
10/22, 12 noon – 1 pm, 1014 Orr Major
11/12, 12 noon – 1 pm, 1025 Orr Major
11/19, 12 noon – 1 pm, 1050 Nursing

All sessions cover the same material, so you only need to attend one session. No RSVP is needed. Just attend whichever session best fits your schedule.

2. After attending one of these demonstrations, you’ll automatically get access to our ANGEL 7.3 system and an empty coursesite where you can work with the new tools. If you’d like access to ANGEL 7.3 but can't or don't want to attend a demonstration session, please let us know, and we'll get you an account and course.

3. If you're not able to attend a lunch-hour demonstration, we'll have a recorded session available for online viewing. This recorded session will be available in November, and we'll send another email announcement about it at that time.

4. If you want hands-on training in addition to or instead of demonstrations, please contact your TLT Liaison, and we'll schedule a session with you.

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