Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Introducing "Tools of the Trade"

In an effort to broaden the palette of instructors and introduce some of the great educational tools out there, we'd like to introduce the Tools of the Trade feature of our blog. It's often a huge pain to sort through the many web apps and programs floating around the web to discern what is useful and safe to use and what is a waste of time and possibly harmful to your computer. Hopefully, this feature of the TLT blog will serve as a bit of a guide that will improve your courses and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of instruction.

While the tools we discuss can be useful and improve the educational experience for both faculty and students, we do understand that they won't be everyone's "cup of tea." While we will try to focus on simple, easy-to-use programs, some users may find them too complex for day-to-day use or may simply not have the time to test and learn new technology. This feature is simply guide to what's available and should be utilized by faculty who feel comfortable exploring technology independently and want to keep on the forefront of technology in education. For these reasons, KUMC does not provide technical support for these software initiatives unless otherwise noted.

Posted at 11:36AM Mar 26, 2008 by bdigman

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