Sunday, April 18, 2021

Panopto/Blackboard Issue - Resolved

 We are aware of an issue with permissions not correctly coming into Panopto through the Blackboard integration. We are working on the issue with Panopto support and currently do not have a fix or an ETA on a resolution. If you need this integration please change the permissions on your Blackboard course folder in Panopto to "Anyone at your organization with the link". If you need assistance please contact your liaison or any member of TLT. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE: The Panopto/Blackboard integration issue has been resolved. Anyone trying to access videos through Blackboard will have the correct permissions to veiw the videos that are in the class folders. We apologize for the inconvenience this has cause.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Scheduled EvaluationKIT Maintenance

EvaluationKIT will be offline from 11:00pm Friday, April 9th through 2:00am Saturday, April 10th for scheduled maintenance. During this time you will not be able to log in, access survey data, or complete surveys.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Blackboard Collaborate Update April 8th

 Blackboard Collaborate will be updated to version 21.06. It will start on April 8th at 1AM and will end at 5AM. Collaborate will be down during that time. Please to not start meetings during this time as you may see an interruption in service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Panopto Cloud Migration Update

TLT is still in the process of transferring content from March 1st to March 8th into our Cloud Panopto site. However, all other videos are there and playable. New recordings and all uploads will work there as well. Everyone is free to use the cloud site by going to Once the videos from March 1st to March 8th are there and available in the system we will update this announcement. The university machines that had the Panopto client installed will have had those already updated. For any other computer it will need to be updated manually. The easiest way of doing this is to go to the site and download it from the top right menu link. Uninstall the version from your computer and install the new one. When you launch the new client you will see a drop down menu that will have two options. You will want to choose the URL from above in order to use the client. The old URL will still appear and that will be cleared out in the coming days.

Please feel free to log into Panopto for any university video needs at this time. If you have any questions please free to contact us at or email any member of TLT and we will answer your questions.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Blackboard Schedule Maintenance

Starting on March 9th at 10 PM to March 10th at 3 AM, Blackboard will be down for maintenance. This maintenance will increase the security of Blackboard. Please do not start anything in Blackboard you can not finish before 10 PM on March 9th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Panopto Cloud Migration

Panopto will be unavailable at times between 7 AM to 5 PM on Monday, March 8 while we complete the transition to our new cloud hosted site. Additionally, some videos created between March 1-8, 2021 may not become viewable again until the morning of March 10th as we complete the final transfer of content. TLT will work as quickly as possible to minimize the duration of any disruption. If you will need to view any video during this outage, we recommend you download a local copy from the Panopto site before 7 AM on March 8.

Once the transition is complete, our new Panopto url will be However, existing links and bookmarks will continue to work. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact TLT at

Monday, February 15, 2021

TLT Spring 2021 Newsletter

 TLT Spring 2021 Newsletter

TLT Helping to Keep Campus Safe!

TLT staff usually assist with online courses, classroom bookings, and audiovisual needs, but we’re also doing our part to keep campus safe. 

TLT played a significant role in the mandatory asymptomatic testing (MAST) program requested by KU Chancellor Girod to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 following the holidays. The testing took place in the Beller Conference Center from January 4-22. A great deal of planning and preparation went into the MAST program. The Learning Spaces team cleared out Beller by rescheduling all events booked during the three weeks needed for testing. Media Manager, Ryan Wickstrom, worked tirelessly to ensure the AV in Beller was set-up per the MAST team’s needs. Our AV Techs assisted with technical issues that arose during testing, and the instructional video featuring Carrie Summers is the work of our talented Media Tech team. 

Many departments contributed to the MAST program’s success; it was a pleasure for TLT to work alongside them all in a collaborative effort to keep campus safe.

Read More



TLT's Website has a New Look

Here at TLT we have been working hard on updating and improving our department's website so that you can easily find information on all of the services we have to offer. Our site navigation has been reorganized into four main categories: Online Learning, Testing & Assessment, Learning Spaces, and Media Production. Our four main pages have been streamlined to allow for a better browsing experience so you can quickly find the information you need about one of our products or services.
Some areas of highlight are:

The Internet Development team at KUMC is also working on a sitewide layout change for near the end of the year and we have worked closely with them with that in mind.

Please browse around our website and let us know what you think!

Instructional Design

Colleague-to-Colleague Picks

What are faculty and TLT staff reading/listening to this semester?

"Disability studies was my field of research for nearly a decade. But it wasn't until I had a visually impaired student in my classroom that my teaching finally became accessible. Making my teaching accessible made my teaching better—for all of my students..."

Delivering High-Quality Instruction Online in Response to COVID-19 is a faculty-focused playbook intended to improve course design, teaching, and learning in online environments. With special attention to the needs of instructors teaching online for the first time, the guide offers strategies for getting started and improving over time.
  • Sonny Painter, TLT, recently attended the CUNY Games Conference 7.0, an online conference that brings together educators across the world to discuss the implementation of games into curriculum. Sonny was particularly impressed by a lesson development tool called "What's Your Game Plan?"
This tool, developed by Dr. Joseph Bisz, Associate English Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY, allows instructors to gamify a lesson based on board game principles and mechanics. For an example of this brainstorming process, watch this 28 minute YouTube video, "What's Your Game Plan? – Designing with the Directors of the CUNY Games Network."

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces Improvement Project

TLT continually evaluates our Learning Spaces in an effort to ensure that the on-campus teaching and learning environment is the best we can make it.  During 2020, when many courses moved online, we found room to improve many of our Learning Spaces with advanced web conferencing technology and other operational improvements.  

Thanks to institutional COVID relief money, during the fall of 2020, TLT undertook several large projects to enhance web conferencing support in learning spaces across campus...

Reminder About Room Scheduling

Please help us ensure that on-campus events have enough space for attendees to socially distance by canceling reservations for rooms that are not currently needed. To free up reserved classrooms or to make TLT aware of changes to your semester start/end dates, please email Thank you!

Software Acquisition

Looking at New Software?

Faculty often find themselves in need of new software for their courses that can offer solutions to needs. Please check with TLT to confirm if you have experienced some of the scenarios below:
  • A well-known company is offering a "lite" version of their statistical software that would be perfect for your undergraduates to use for their research projects. Bonus -- it's free for educational use!
  • You're collaborating with colleagues at another university and they've recommended a voice-recording tool that makes adding audio to a Google Slideshow a breeze. 
  • Your department wants to start sending out an e-newsletter and you think MailChimp would be a great solution for formatting and list management.
What do you need to consider before acquiring new software for KUMC purposes? The answer may be more complicated than you think...


OneDrive Now Integrated with Blackboard

KUMC's OneDrive accounts can now be linked to Blackboard. This change allows students and faculty to upload files to Blackboard from their University OneDrive cloud storage area, rather than having to first download files to a local drive and then upload them to Bb.

Blackboard Ultra Course Pilot Project

Ultra Course View is a complete redesign of the Blackboard user interface. It's a streamlined, mobile-focused layout. The palette of tools has been condensed and simplified, removing redundant features. Many customization features have been removed, giving students a consistent experience across all of their courses and giving faculty the freedom to focus on content, rather than aesthetics.

In the spring semester of 2020, two School of Health Professions faculty, Judy Bielby and Dr. Jeff Radel, piloted the Ultra Course View in their classes. Faculty feedback included both positives and negatives...


Blackboard Collaborate: Did Ya Know?

You may be familiar with Collaborate, a Blackboard-integrated video conferencing solution that can be used for holding online class sessions and video office hours...  but did you know that:

  • Graphic depicting a generic web conferening platform
    Every Blackboard course site comes with an established Course Room under Collaborate link?
  • You can use the Guest Link to invite guest lecturers?
  • If you want your session to be available all semester, there is a particular setting you need to change?


Blackboard Session Debug Code: A New Tool for Investigating Bb Problems

If you've ever called for support after running into an issue with Blackboard, you know that one of the first things you're asked to provide is a description of the sequence of events that led to the problem.

Blackboard has just released a tool that allows users to automatically generate a report of their last 30 actions. This will help both TLT and Blackboard support gain better insight into what happened when an error occurs. 

This report should be generated as soon as possible in order to capture the most useful information. Steps to create the code...


Coming Soon to Panopto: Cloud-Hosting Brings New Features and Improved Uptime

TLT is planning to transition soon from our self-hosted Panopto 7 to a cloud-hosted Panopto 10 solution.  The migration to a cloud-hosted environment will allow the university to get quicker, more stable updates to the system and reduce downtime.  Less downtime means fewer problems with watching and creating videos, and the latest updates grants us access to the newest features!  Here are some of the headline features that Panopto 10 has to offer:..


Video Assignments: Growing in Popularity

Panopto gives faculty the ability to easily create and grade video assignments.  While this feature has been available since Panopto was first implemented by the university, it has recently grown in popularity. Video assignments can offer students a more engaging way to demonstrate skills and knowledge than traditional, text-based assignments.  

Using Panopto for video assignments simplifies the process for both students and faculty. Rather than recording video on phones/webcams and then figuring out how to get it to their instructors, students can use the Panopto recorder to both record and upload their video. For instructors, student submissions are directly accessible from the Blackboard gradebook and all the videos are in the same, easily-viewable format.

Since the Blackboard server has limited storage capabilities, using Panopto is also the best way to have your students submit videos to your course...


Increasing Student Engagement with Panopto

SHP Liaison Sonny Painter recently recorded a faculty workshop on increasing student engagement with Panopto lectures. Click to play the video below in which Sonny highlights Panopto's in-video quizzing feature: